Resources Lesbian Visibility Week – Capital Group video

Lesbian Visibility Week – Capital Group video

29th April 2020|Learning Tool, Video

To mark Lesbian Visibility Week, InterInvest member firm Capital Group have published a short film in which two employees, Julie Dickson and Constanze Sievers, discuss their experience of being open about their sexual orientation at work.

In this 6 minute video, they cover a range of things including:

  • their experiences prior to joining Capital Group and how that impacted their decisions on whether or not to be out at Capital Group
  • what it’s like being out at Capital Group, being part of the CG Pride network, and the culture within the firm
  • the importance of being out, being able to bring your whole self to work and the impact of this on personal performance
  • statistics on how many lesbians are out in the workplace
  • advice for lesbians struggling to come out at work
  • and the importance of visibility, of allies, and what allies can do to support their LGBT+ colleagues.

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