About us

InterInvest is made up of LGBT+ people and allies that work in the investment industry, who care about the LGBT+ experience in investment. Our network of investment peers also forms part of the LGBT+ workstream of the Diversity Project.

We know LGBT+ people work in every part of our industry; we exist to drive LGBT+ equality and inclusion across the UK industry, and support similar initiatives globally.

We began as an informal but regular gathering of LGBT+ professionals and allies who wanted to discuss issues facing LGBT+ people in the industry, and initiatives firms were working on to further LGBT+ interests across the industry. In 2019, we became a more formal organisation with over 20 firms represented. As an organisation, we meet monthly, with our steering committee and subcommittees meeting on a more regular basis.

InterInvest’s Aims and Objectives

  • Provide a welcoming space for members to discuss LGBT+ issues in the context of the industry;
  • Share best practice within the industry, and enable firm-to-firm collaboration to provide support to in-house LGBT+ networks;
  • Encourage and shape LGBT+ inclusion across the industry; Attract and retain LGBT+ talent into the industry;
  • Engage allies and promote allyship, drawing upon other intersectional networks with similar experiences.

We know our aims won’t be achieved overnight, but we are committed to ensuring the investment industry is one that welcomes, includes and celebrates its LGBT+ colleagues.

We welcome all industry professionals, no matter the size of your firm. If you are interested in joining InterInvest, please get in touch.

View our current member firms and affiliated organisations here.

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