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    Allyship: The Heart Beat of Pride

    by admin, 26th June 2024

    By Mel Nair Mason Pride Month is a vibrant celebration bursting with joy, colour, and a deep sense of community. Beyond the parades and festivities, it serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggles and hard-won victories that have defined the LGBTQ+ movement. Today, allyship has evolved into an essential pillar for advancing and […]

    Medicine #UnderTheScope: Celebrating LGBT+ Contributions and Addressing Healthcare Disparities

    by admin, 9th February 2024

    As LGBT History Month unfolds, it provides an opportune moment to reflect on the invaluable contributions of LGBT+ individuals within the realm of medicine and healthcare. With the theme “Medicine – #UnderTheScope,” this year’s celebration not only honours the tireless efforts of LGBT+ healthcare professionals but also casts a critical spotlight on the unique healthcare […]

    Drew McDowell, Intersectionality and Me

    by admin, 31st October 2023

    “You aren’t Black. I don’t know what you are, but you ain’t Black.” I believe it was late autumn/early winter in 2015, when I was ganged up by three guys just outside the McDonald’s in Clapham. I remember I was wearing my favourite neon pink t-shirt, feeling merry after a great night out with friends, […]

    Historic Achievement on Marriage Equality

    by admin, 12th July 2023

    Nepal becomes the Second Country in Asia to Register Same Sex Marriage Meenakshi Ganguly Hundreds of same-sex couples in Nepal will soon be able to legally register their marriages following a landmark Supreme Court ruling on June 28 which cleared the way for marriage equality in the country. Although Nepal’s civil code currently describes marriage as being […]

    Racial Equity in Queer Spaces

    by InterInvest Racial Equity Workstream, 17th October 2022

    InterInvest Launches its Resources Page for Highlighting Minority Voices and Experiences within the LGBTQIA+ Community Pride History Month and Black History month are times to reflect on the progress the queer community and its allies have made in striving for equal human rights and creating a safer world for LGBTQIA+ people. This has not been […]

    Panel Event: Queer, Black & British: A Celebration

    by Tristan Davies, 11th October 2021

    Join us this Black History Month as we celebrate Queer, Black, British history in the UK, featuring inspiring stories from our panel of diverse voices. Thursday 28 October, 5-6pm UK time

    A conversation on allyship with… Eoin Murray

    by InterInvest, 31st January 2021

    The second in our series of conversations with LGBTQ+ allies on what allyship means to them, with Eoin Murray, Head of Investment, International at Federated Hermes.

    Marking Pride 2020

    by Suzanne Whitlock, 9th August 2020

    Find out how we and our member firms celebrated Pride 2020 – from fabulous logos to false eyelashes.

    This Pride month is like no other

    by Andrzej Pioch, 9th August 2020

    Andrzej Pioch is a fund manager at member firm LGIM and writes about how we experienced a very different Pride in 2020.

    Journey to coming out – an international perspective

    by Anurag Gulati, 9th August 2020

    Recently we heard from a young man called Anurag who is based in Delhi, India. He came to us armed with energy and ideas, among that kindly suggesting that he share his personal story.

    Mental Health Awareness

    by Lydia Puricelli, 30th June 2020

    InterInvest hosted two events in June to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

    Partner with Just Like Us

    by Suzanne Whitlock, 22nd May 2020

    On 19 May, we were joined by Marco Greco and Dominic Arnall from Just Like Us, who came to talk about the work they do, and how our member firms might support or partner with them.

    IDAHOT: Breaking the Silence

    by InterInvest, 17th May 2020

    It was only on 17 May 1990 that the World Health Organisation finally decided to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder.

    Working from home, not working alone

    by InterInvest, 22nd April 2020

    A month or so into the Covid19 lockdown we thought it would be useful to share stories on how InterInvest members and their colleagues are coping with working from home.

    Blog – on being an ally

    by Suzanne Whitlock, 1st March 2020

    Life came full circle today when I met Lord Michael Cashman CBE at an event hosted by Bloomberg to mark LGBT History month.

    Alan Turing – Building a shared LGBT history

    by InterInvest, 2nd December 2019

    On 24 October, we welcomed over 100 people from across the investment industry, our member firms and supporters of Queer Britain to celebrate Alan Turing becoming the first LGBT+ person to be featured on a UK bank note.

    Blog: Marking Coming Out Day

    by Suzanne Whitlock, 11th October 2019

    Steerco member, Julien Haye, has written about the process of coming out. We are proud to share this to mark national Coming Out Day.

    Celebrating Inclusion Week

    by Suzanne Whitlock, 10th October 2019

    Around 60 members of InterInvest came together recently to celebrate National Inclusion Week in London.

    Our new resources library

    by InterInvest, 2nd October 2019

    We’ve launched a library of resources aimed at providing information and guidance to investment firms on their journey to LGBT+ inclusion.

    Blog: Becoming gay dads

    by InterInvest, 22nd August 2019

    “Parenting! Imagining myself with a child puts a smile on my face. It always has!” The latest blog by our steerco member, Julien Haye

    Report: Do you remember the first time?

    by InterInvest, 5th July 2019

    Guidance from the Investment Association for employers on recruitment and retention of LGBT+ talent and creating inclusive workplaces

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