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Small Axe

14th September 2022|Film/TV

Small Axe is an anthology of stories by Steve McQueen. In five films, we experience stories about the lives of West Indian immigrants in London from the 1960s to the 1980s.

We have selected this resource as an illustration of historic and modern day injustice faced by members of West Indian immigrants in the UK. Many from the Windrush Generation faced and continue to face personal and institutional racism, despite an open invitation to them and other Caribbean communities to travel to the UK. While presented as fiction, these stories keep alive the struggle, defiance and survival of the Black and Afro-Caribbean community in London.

“Love letters to black resilience and triumph in London’s West Indian community, directed by Oscar winner Steve McQueen. Vivid stories of hard-won victories in the face of racism.” (source: BBC iPlayer)

Racial Equity in Queer Spaces

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Panel Event: Queer, Black & British: A Celebration

by Tristan Davies, 11th October 2021

Join us this Black History Month as we celebrate Queer, Black, British history in the UK, featuring inspiring stories from our panel of diverse voices. Thursday 28 October, 5-6pm UK time

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