Resources The Intersectionality Wars

The Intersectionality Wars

14th September 2022|Article

When Dr. KimberlĂ© Crenshaw coined the term ‘Intersectionality’ 30 years ago, it was a relatively obscure legal concept. Then it went viral.” (Source: Vox)

A VOX article exploring Intersectionality and the context in which the term was coined. Intersectionality is a powerful tool; it’s a lens through which we can look to see how systems of power, privilege, discrimination and inequity interact with the myriad of characteristics that make up our selves.

Racial Equity in Queer Spaces

by InterInvest Racial Equity Workstream, 17th October 2022

InterInvest Launches its Resources Page for Highlighting Minority Voices and Experiences within the LGBTQIA+ Community Pride History Month and Black History month are times to reflect on the progress the queer community and its allies have made in striving for equal human rights and creating a safer world for LGBTQIA+ people. This has not been […]

Panel Event: Queer, Black & British: A Celebration

by Tristan Davies, 11th October 2021

Join us this Black History Month as we celebrate Queer, Black, British history in the UK, featuring inspiring stories from our panel of diverse voices. Thursday 28 October, 5-6pm UK time

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